by John Ellis

BUSH TELEGRAPH Come in come in can anyone hear this? Come in come is there someone there? I hear echoes of distant thunder Come in there must be someone there Alright you have all my attention I heard you knocking all night long So say something So say something Home-made drums and satellites Antennae thrust into the night That’s me waving high on the hill You’ll make contact I know you will Hello? Are you receiving me? Smoke signals from my garage I hear /you have/ been trying to reach me These are/ the on/ly words I have I’m just trying to make connection An S/O/S using Home-made drums and…
ONCOMING TRAIN Ready or not this day’s about to start Better get going ‘fore it breaks my heart I lost the last one – there’ve been some I’ve won This could go either way before it’s dark What’s that light in the tunnel? Could be good, could be trouble Either way – hey This is it – jump the tracks and stare it down It’s an oncoming train No-one’s against you but it feels like it The worst you imagined hasn’t happened yet Want some attention? Go out and get some Nobody’s watching, take what you can get What’s that noise engineer? What’s that sound I can hear? Hit the brake – hey Yesterday ran me over Not today! Jump this oncoming train Words and music: John Ellis Published by Jellisongs/ Admin. by HereWeAreMusic © John Ellis 2013
ALL TOO SOON All too soon the party’s over I’m standing in the driveway Dressed up for the night but dawn’s already breaking No sign of the car I came in Looks like I’ll be walking To my rented space and bed of my own making But where did all the time and money go? Nothing’s ever made to last Things just disappear so fast All too soon – all too soon All the things I held so tightly I should have learned to hold more lightly All too soon There came a day I reached a summit And I surveyed my kingdom In the distance higher mountains called me by my name It’s too easy to get used to Oxygen that pure All too soon I’m in the valley far beneath me I never thought I’d have to stoop so low again Nothing’s… It’s only fair that morning follows night High tide replaces low It can’t be all just honeymoon that’s over all too soon Here today, gone later on today
SOON THERE WILL BE MORE OF US Did you hear that? Thunder rolling From the gold mines To the coast Sleeping giant Had a bad dream Wakes up tied to a Whipping post One by one, rebellious Soon there will be more of us We can only take so much You have gone to war with us Once I turned my Back on the ocean Before I knew it Swept away Running water Always seeps through Your finger won’t keep The flood at bay One by one… And we won’t stop Until we get what we want And we won’t stop Until we get what we came for Till it’s clean Until it’s shining again Just like it was When we


Read about the recording of the "Bush Telegraph" EP on John's blog here:



released August 5, 2013

Produced by John Ellis
Recorded and mixed by Brent Quinton at Hit Record, Westville, South Africa, March 2013
Mastered by Rogan Kelsey

All instruments and singing: John Ellis
Additional drums: Andy Turrell

Words and music: John Ellis
Published by Jellisongs/ Admin. by HereWeAreMusic
© John Ellis 2013


all rights reserved



John Ellis Durban, South Africa

A singer-songwriter from Durban, South Africa, John has played his music all over the world. Following his 2010 solo debut "Come Out Fighting", his second album, an all-acoustic record named "Rural", was released in June 2012. A new song, "Get You", came out on Sony Records in 2012, and was followed in 2013 by a five-track EP, "Bush Telegraph", also on Sony. "Tells" is John's 3rd solo album. ... more


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